Installation C3Fire Player Client on Windows

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The C3Fire distribution contains all you need to run the system. It contains The C3Fire environment, and the needed Java environment.

Download System

The system can be downloaded from the download page.
Require a system license at the license page.


Run the C3Fire installation program. The installation wizard will guide you through the setup.

We recommend that you install the system in folder C:\C3LearningLabs\.

C3Fire Install

Press < Next >.

C3Fire License Agreement

Read and press < I Agree >.

C3Fire Install folder

The default installation folder are C:\C3LearningLabs\
You can change destination folder.
Press < Install >.

C3Fire Installing

Wait to installation finish.

C3Fire Finish

Press < Finish >.

The installation will create the C3Fire folder structure, see Folder Structure at Installation start page.


Edit the client configuration file <C3FIRE-CLIENT>\C3FireClientConfig.xml

Example : C:\C3LearningLabs\C3Fire\Client\Files\Root\C3FireClientConfig.con

Set IP number to C3Fire Server

Set the C3Fire server computer's Lan IP number.

Example: (C3Fire server is running on a computer with IP number

  IPNrLan = ""

  IPNr = ""

Disable Connection to C3Cloud server

To make the start process to start C3Fire client easier.

Set CloudServer Active = "False"

  Active = "False"
  ServersInfoUrl = "http://www.c3learninglabs.com/c3cloud_servers_info.xml"
  UseServerName = "" />

Auto Select Lan / Wan
If the C3Fire server always are on the Local Area Network (Lan) or on internet Wide Area Network (Wan)
then you can configure the Auto select Lan / Wan in the client configuration. See Auto Select

Start manager

Now you can join a session

Lan - Start a session in a Local area network